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cathy and flowers
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Cathy Brochet could easily be considered as the heart and soul of Les Serres Neville.  It is mostly due to her love for Horticulture and flowers in particular that Les Serres Neville exists and flourishes today.  Chuck and Cathy first tried to make their living by growing vegetables which they sold from a wagon on the main street in Lennoxville.  But it wasn't until Cathy's love for flowers and her decission to switch to growing just bedding plants that the business finally found its road to success

Cathy comes originally from the town of Chandler in the GaspĂ©.  She met Chuck when she was doing her last year of her Bacvhelor's in Sociology at Bishop's Univiersity.  Today she directs her beloved crew of workers at the greenhouse.  Each year she puts long hours into planning her crop of flowers and vegetables.  Each variety is carefully chosen for its productivity and beauty.

Cathy is not often seen at the Garden Center because she knows that to leave the watering of her beloved plants might lead to poorer quality.  So when the rest of the crew is downtown selling, she will be found with a hose in her hand at the Greenhouse.