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JAlbum 7.4

Jacinthe Lieutenant  is a local girl born and brought up in Stoke.  Jaciinthe has her bachelors degree from the University of Sherbrooke in occupational counselling.  Realizing that working in a little cubicle, wasn't exactly her idea of a happy life, Jacinthe went to work for Basil Arsenault as sales person and arranger of flowers.  When Basil made the switch to work for Les Serres Neville, Jacinthe decided to give it  a try also.  Chuck and Cathy had already made her aquaintance when they went to buy glads from Basil and were very keen to have her as a part of their organization.  

She has woked for Les Serres Neville for 7 years only taking a year off when her young boy was born.  Jacinthe is as good with the public as she is with growing the flowers in the greenhouse.