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JAlbum 7.4

Basil  Arsenault was born and brought up in the small town of Rogersville, New Brunswick..  One of the youngest of a large family of 15, Basil has changed his career many times.  He started out by going into the army as he says: "Because I wanted to kill people" but soon found he wasn't cut out for that job.  He received his degree in dietetics from the University of New Brunswick.  Following this he had several jobs as either a cook or dietitian. 

Then Basil made the big decision to become a doctor.  He finished his four years of medical school at the CHU in Sherbrooke and was half way through his residency when he finally realized that working with sick people all his life wasn't exactly going to be his cup of tea.  He then threw himself into the domain of horticulture, growing gladiolas and flowers.  

Since his wife was a teacher and they wanted time in the summer to travel, Basil gave up his cultivation of glads and came to work for Les Serres Neville.  He has been with us for 7 years and keeps everyone entertained with his excellent sense of humour.  He works in both prduction and sales.