It could be said that Les Serres Neville has survived this far mainly to the grace of God and the good will of the community.  On February 19th 1982, a fire devastated the home of Chuck and Cathy on their farm at the end of the Dillon Rd.  They had no insurance.  That very day a house was sold by the Experimental Farm since they were no longer providing houses for their employees.  Due to many generous contributions from the members of the community, the house on the experimental farm  replaced the original farm house.  

It seemed for a while that Les Serres  Neville wouldn't survive when  Lennoxville took numerous meausres to drive it from town.  At the time they were only renting a lot and weren't considered as big tax payers.  But the forces of good and again the good will of the community helped them to find a permanent
home  where they are located today.

In 1990, there was a very heavy snowfall on November 7.  That snowfall collapsed the Neville's three wooden greenhouses.  It was bitterly cold for the next week but despite the fact that the roof was 6 feet lower, the holes in the plastic were patched up, the boiler kept running and the plants survived.  After that first cold week, an unusually mild end of November and Decenmber set in.  The three greenhouses were totally reconstructed in that time period.  There were days in december when everyone was working in tee shirts.

In 2002, the wooden greenhouses were replaced with steel.

Come take a pictoral tour of the olden days at Les Serres Neville.